We Are All Both Investors and Investees (Story of Human Investments from Birth to Death)

A mother who breastfeeds her newborn child is an investor, and the child is an investee. Parents who raise their children are making an investment in them. Finding friends and learning life rules during one’s studies are all investments. When you get a job as a junior, you and your boss are both investors and investees, and the cycle continues. Let’s take a look back. If a mother replaces breastfeeding with milk powder for any reason, if the parents fail to raise their children properly, if the children stray from their studies and social connections, and fail to find suitable jobs as children, the investment is not done properly, which harms both the children and the parents. Learning how to attract physical investment (money) is fortunately possible, and if you learn how to collect money from people to launch your startup business, you will become a professional investor. Financial education is a worthwhile investment that parents can make. When your children learn how to gain the trust of others and think differently, they can become entrepreneurs through idea generation. From the moment we are born until we die, we are both investors and investees, and our actions are referred to as successful or unsuccessful investments. Everyone has made and received investments throughout their lives, and as Edison says, “we would all have been surprised if we did what we were capable of doing.”

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