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Douman Sahand, born in 1982, is an investor and entrepreneur. In the early 2000s, he began his professional career raising and managing funds, and in the 2010s...

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professional career

Douman Sahand began his professional career in journalism in economics and capital markets in the early 2010s
He worked as an economic journalist for the Tejarat-e Gardeshgari (Tourism Business) Newspaper in 2008. In 2011 and 2012, he served as an editorial board editor and editor-in-chief for the quarterly magazine Donyay-e Tejarat (Business World).
In 2013, he began working as an economic reporter and columnist for the Bahar Newspaper. In the second half of 2013, he received the award for the best economic report from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for his controversial reports in Shargh Newspaper.
In addition to Shargh and Bahar Newspapers, he has worked as an editor of Vaqaye Etefaqiyah Newspaper.
Duman Sahand was also the founder and investor in Eixir, Ayandeh, Vaqaye, and Aseman Abi Newspapers.

 About My Business _ DOUMAN SMART BANK

DOUMAN SMART BANK started its activity in the fall of 1398 in Azadi Innovation Factory and is the only platform in the country that has tried to meet all their needs in the field of children and parents as much as possible and has gathered them in one place.
    DOUMANMONEY website consists of the following sections:
  • 1) Educational videos: which are all the production of the content of this collection and the talks of doctors, psychologists and experts for parents.
  • 2) Knowledge: which includes hundreds of articles produced in this collection that has collected all the information that parents need to know.
  • 3) Advertisements: In this section, parents can see advertisements and advertisements of all goods and services that they need for themselves and their children, and directly contact the manufacturer or store of that product and service.
  • 4) Games and entertainment: In this section, on the website for adults and in the application for children, play and entertainment items (especially in terms of education for children in the application) are provided.
  • 5) Sending a drawing and analyzing it: In this section, parents can send their children's drawings through a website or application so that psychologists can analyze them for free.
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