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BIO Douman Sahand

Who is Duman Sahand?

Douman Sahand, born in 1982, is an investor and entrepreneur. In the early 2000s, he began his professional career raising and managing funds, and in the 2010s, he continued his career as the managing director and chairman of the board of several businesses.

In addition to working in capital investment, he has worked as a journalist, editor, and editor-in-chief for several newspapers and magazines, including Shargh, Bahar, Tejarat-e Gardeshgari (Tourism Business), and Donyay-e Tejarat (the World of Business).

From 2011 to 2018, he was the founder or investor in Aryayi, Arike Fars, Tamadon Bartar, Edalat Pishro, Fanavari Pishro, Seirgasht, and Sarmay-e Gozari Pishro Douman Toucan. He founded several restaurants under the Douman Investment Company, including Shams, Arka, Kavani, and Deniz. Douman Sahand has also invested in two hotels, Bloor and Setareh, in Tehran and Kish. He has also founded a number of publications, including Aseman-e-Abi, Exir Novin, and Ayandeh Roshan. As an investor and producer, he has also introduced two fusion music talents (Peyman and Kiarash).

He has also invested in a coffee shop called Ace in Tehran, which is located in Milad Tower. Because of his investment in the Vaghaye-Etefaghieh Newspaper, he had a clear political orientation.

By March 2018, his businesses employed over 1,000 people. As a result of the problems, he filed a lawsuit against the central bank in 2017.

.Douman Sahand primary investment areas are media, tourism, restaurant management, travel agencies, tourism, and hotel infrastructure.