Enron’s Managing Director: Investor or Deceiver?!

Kent Lee used to sell newspapers for a living. He grew up in a poor Missouri rural district. He earned his PhD in economics before joining the Navy. He held important positions and was awarded the Medal of Gratitude and the Medal of Serving the National Security by the United States Army. He founded Enron and served as its managing director for 15 years. He increased the value of this petroleum industry behemoth to $100 billion, with 20,000 employees spread across forty countries. He developed cordial relationships with both of the United States’ presidents, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. In 1991, he was a delegate to the important Industrial Countries Conference, which included Margaret Thatcher, Germany’s then-Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and France’s then-President François Mitterrand.

However, in October 2001, when he was known as a famous investor, the company’s fraudulent financial statements were revealed. The shareholders lost over a billion dollars in capital, and Enron went bankrupt. Kent Lee was quickly introduced as a deceiver who defrauded billions of dollars by posing as a successful investor.

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