Silent killers of the capital market

Intermediaries are part of the shadow economy in developing countries and are popular with the general public.

The middle people work in various fields without capital and specialized knowledge, and because they are only interested in financial gain, they create inflation and numerous unjustified jobs. But due to the high volume of liquidity in the capital market, speculation or intermediation is rampant.

The experience of developed countries in the fight against intermediaries is astonishing. Napoleon was once labeled a middle-class enemy of the country, and since the seventeenth century he has angered capital market activists in Europe and the United States.

Commercial mediation was outlawed in New York in the early 1980s, while in 1733 it was outlawed in England.

In 1929, they were dubbed “moderate business demons” in the US Senate and were the main cause of the Great Depression. Mutual funds were banned after popular criticism of speculation. Even in early 1955, the Malaysian Minister of Economy proposed general corporal punishment for intermediaries.

What is clear is that global laws must be enacted to combat the shadow economy. In some economic articles, moderate people are referred to as leeches and take blood from the economy and weaken it. Although the negative role of intermediaries is quite clear, they survive because their money is mixed with some jobs and contaminates politicians.

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