Investment in the Best, Not in the First

When you look at each list of top brands, you can see that most of them are no different from their competitors and are not the first of their kind.

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world in 2020, will run Amazon was not the first online retail website because Pierre Omidyar sold items online with eBay years ago, and even Amazon had disadvantages that lagged behind competitors.

Years before Ilan Mask founded SpaceX, British entrepreneur Richard Brownson founded Virgin Atlantic to begin a trip to the moon.

Apple was not the first to introduce the MP3 player, the creative company released the Pure MP3 Player years before the Apple iPod. However, what sets Amazon, SpaceX and iPod apart from their competitors is that they are the best, not the first.

The founders of these companies, by examining the shortcomings of previous products as well as the tastes of the people and the market, modified the old products and surpassed their previous competitors with creativity.

Smart investors are able to identify the best, so they invest wisely.

It is worth noting that, among the major brands, Pepsi was not the first manufacturer of carbonated beverages, BMW was not the first manufacturer of luxurycars and Zara was not the first mass producer of clothing in the world, but now they have a significant market share.


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