the story of human investment from birth to death

We are all investors and investors

When a mother breastfeeds her child, she acts as an investor and her child is an investor.

Parents invest in raising their children. All investors invest when studying, making friends, learning the rules of life, and so on.

When you are young and you have chosen a job, your manager is an investor and you are an investor and the cycle goes on.

Now, let’s revisit everything from the beginning.

If for any reason the mother uses powdered milk instead of breastfeeding, if the parents can not educate their children, if the child is away from school and social relations and does not choose the right job at an early age, the right investment is not made. , And as a result both the child and the parents suffer.

However, one can learn how to raise physical capital (eg money). You can become a professional investor if you learn how to attract people to start your own start-up business.

Financial education is one of the most successful investments a parent can make in their children. When a child learns the right way to gain people’s trust and different thinking, he can become an entrepreneur by brainstorming ideas. As a result, from birth to death, we are all investors and investors, and only our actions are interpreted as successful or unsuccessful investments.

In fact, everyone becomes an investor or an investor at some point in their lives, and as Edison once said:

“If we did everything we could do, we would literally be amazed”

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