Making an Enemy of the Investor

Many startup founders emphasize return on investment and profitability when pitching their ideas to investors. Many of them believe they should provide loss assurances, which is a red line for investors. Money, despite its importance, is not a top priority for venture capitalists. They regard investment as their occupation and have strong relationships as well as competition with one another. Investors discuss their successful ventures in meetings (however small) more than their return on investment or fund transfer profitability. These meetings frequently resemble those of generals discussing their battlefield conquests, where they crack jokes about their stupidity in choosing failed ideas over successes. Thus, when a startup fails to deliver on an idea by taking the wrong approach, investors become irritated and hostile. Many entrepreneurs who failed in their first projects have proven themselves to investors in implementation, removing their sense of folly and persuading them to collaborate on subsequent projects. Even if your project fails, use courage and good execution to tell a good story of failure to your investors so that they do not feel foolish in the eyes of their competitors and become hostile.

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