Capturing the Investor’s Interest in the First Meeting

In order to persuade the investor during your first pitch meeting, you must use strong body language. Investors avoid people who lack self-confidence, and the best ways to convey confidence are through strong body language and expressive speech. The following factors are critical for displaying self-confidence:

1. Make eye contact with the investor right away to convey optimism and faith in your project.

2. Raise your voice during explanations and introduce your ideas with clear words and an appropriate pace. This stage must be practiced several times.

3. When explaining and answering questions, your facial expressions are important. As a result, try to smile while listening to and answering questions.

4. Use your head and hands for communication.  A dull body language will have an adverse influence on the investor.

5. Keep your head up, sit up straight, and spread your legs to the same width as your shoulders.

6. In your sentences, mention the investor’s full name formally several times.

7. Thank them at the end of the meeting and express your gratitude for their positive vibe.

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