Forming an Investment Habit

Habits are formed through a series of small steps and processes and represent a person’s identity. They become habitual and provide mental satisfaction. To form a habit, it should be broken down into small pieces and made appealing. A mental reward will help to cement the habit in one’s mind. To form an investment habit, break it down into smaller, more likely-to-succeed investments, make the small direct investment appealing, show enthusiasm, and magnify the received profit as a reward. These steps will transform you into a professional investor and become a part of your identity in less than a year. Then, to overcome your identity flaws and create an investor’s identity, ask yourself the characteristics of a successful investor. For example, if you want to invest in a field, buy a small share every month. Consider the purchase and the potential outcome of a corporate acquisition. To establish the habit, imagine you are the CEO and entice your mind with a reward. After you have shaped your identity, consider the personality of that company’s CEO to incorporate their habits into yours. The editor of Ettelaat Newspaper, for example, reads about their profession.

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