Investment in Singapore, One of the World’s financial Hubs

Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia that was part of Malasia until 1963 that was a British colony. Singapore has a scarcity of mineral and fossil resources. The successful investment of states in this country in such fields as petrochemicals construction and the creation of Singapore port, as well as the security made in this country’s canals, has allowed for 25% of petroleum cargoes to pass through this port. Furthermore, the construction of luxury hotels and the establishment of Singapore Airlines have resulted in massive income for Singapore from tourism. The most significant investment made in Singapore, however, is in the financial market and banking. Singapore Stock Exchange is one of the world’s top five markets, and it is home to all of the world’s major banks. Countless investors have been drawn to this country because of the ease with which they can start a business. This country’s GDP per capita in 2017 was over $57,000, placing it among the top ten in the world. Following financial services, electronic industries, silicon, information technology (IT), and medical equipment are among the areas of interest to investors in this country.

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