How do ordinary investors thwart the success of others?

An experiment was once carried out on a group of monkeys. They were placed in a cage and given just enough food and water to keep them alive. There was a ladder at the end of the cage where the monkeys could find plenty of bananas to eat if they climbed it. If a monkey climbed the ladder, as soon as its hands touched one another, the monkey and other monkeys received an electric shock. The shock was only 10 seconds long and had a low voltage, but the monkeys could not stand it. During the course of a week, if a monkey became hungry and climbed the ladder in search of a banana, the other monkeys would take it down, and this would continue for a while.

 Similarly, ordinary investors do not want their capital to be subjected to a shock. They take the easy route, and if someone can handle the difficulties, they knock him off the ladder. Successful investors climb the ladder without paying attention to the stumbling blocks of ordinary investors, and they make a successful investment by tolerating temporary shocks.

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