Hack the Investor’s Mind

How to Increasing Influence on Investors

Nowadays, investors face numerous new ideas and projects. In addition to presenting a novel idea, a successful investee should be able capture and somehow hack the investor’s mind. One way to persuade investors is to imitate them. Check and match their behavior, copy the way they walk and sit, and most importantly, adopt their tone. The second method to conveying credibility is to obtain and use information about investors in negotiations. People like praise, especially if they have made an investment that has come to fruition. The third method is to communicate your concern with your capital and profit over yourself, allowing you to further hack the investor’s mind by prioritizing the defense of investor. People are also influenced by time limits. Mentioning that you have talked to other investors and that you will hear from them by the end of the week, for example, can stimulate the investor’s mind. The last point in hacking the investor’s mind is your personality. Investors like and receive positive energy from well-dressed people with polite and peaceable body language. Speak calmly and try to be more responsive. Defend your idea respectfully and politely even when the investor casts a doubt on your project. Although mastering the ability to hack the investor’s mind takes practice and experience, it can shorten the search for investors.

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