Business Identity Formation for Banks

A bank’s identity includes everything that comes to mind when a client hears or sees its name, such as the logo, slogan, services, and customer orientation.

The values of a bank, such as honesty, commitment, expertise, and innovation, are critical to its identity formation.

The logo serves as the visual identity and must be remembered by clients when they hear the company’s name. The red semicircle in Citibank’s logo, or the butterfly or two triangles inside the HSBC logo, are examples of business identities.

Slogans are also important for forming one’s identity. Citibank’s slogan, “Citi never sleeps,” for example, makes us think of their ATMs. Superior or exclusive services provided by a bank are also part of its identity. Hearing or seeing Mastercard or Visa, for example, reminds us of credit cards.

Services that are promised are also a part of a bank’s business identity. For example, TD Bank has always emphasized its customer orientation, making promise fulfillment its business identity.

Nowadays, social networks, particularly Twitter and Facebook, and networking on these websites are critical to the formation of a bank’s business identity.

Innovative smart banks have defied traditional banking rules to create new business identities.

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