The Investor Gives You Only 6 Months

When negotiating with an investor, you should be prepared to answer the question of how long it will take to develop your startup. True, the number of months counts rather than the number of years! Due to rapid technological advancements, investors now place a premium on days and weeks. According to the most recent estimates, “angel investors” do not give an idea for more than six months to transform from a seed to a corporation; that is, they set aside the idea if it is not developed into a final product within six months. Barbara Corcoran, a leading investor, says, “All entrepreneurs I know develop their businesses before conceptualizing it.” This is the only growth formula available. It causes you to think faster and move more intelligently because you are constantly stressed by your work and must pay the price; i.e., long-term business growth necessitates added value to operate your activities.”  

Investors typically do not give their time to those who are unsure of their schedule. Risk tolerance is, without a doubt, a guiding principle of entrepreneurship. You will attract investors if you take a risk and save the time required to develop your idea. Make your ideas a reality, even if only partially, and finish them in less than 6 months. This will assist you in attracting risk-averse investors at the outset and receiving funds from one or more investors after six months. If you need to attract more investment to further develop your product after 6 months, you can proudly advocate for your company’s success.

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